The Essence and Prospects of Forensic Accounting in Developing Countries: A Systematic Literature Review: Business & Management Book Chapter

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  • The Essence and Prospects of Forensic Accounting in Developing Countries: A Systematic Literature Review: Business & Management Book Chapter


Furthermore, a forensic accountants expertise can be used to assist attorneys and business owners in assessing the causal link between liability and damages. The Friedman test found that the tactics under opportunity were the most effective. However, extensive assessments of the practices were contrasted across several parameters, revealing a variety of perceptions.

By 1960, almost 700 Special Agent were employed by the FBI to investigate financial crimes, tax evasion, organized crime, embezzlement, fraud investigation, accounting fraud, fraud schemes, and much more. Cloud-based storage solutions and a shift to remote work requires forensic accountants to look outside the traditional confines of a company’s digital perimeter. Big data fraud detection in the hands of forensic accountants is an innovative way to use trends to prevent and detect suspicious transactions and activities since even slight differences can be picked up, analysed and red flagged as potential fraud activities. CPAs and auditors have been extremely slow to embrace technology and artificial intelligence as a method to perform their work. Current professional literature touts these methods as new, novel and great ways to change the industry. We have been using these tools for over 20 years, which has been critical to our success in helping our clients to detect and prevent fraud.

Commentary on: Srihari SN, Cha S-H, Arora H, Lee S. Individuality of handwriting. J Forensic Sci 2002; 47( :856-72.

This The Past, Present, And Future Of Forensic Accounting provides a quantitative analysis of the forensic accounting market forecast, current trends, estimations, and dynamics of the forensic accounting market analysis from 2021 to 2031 to identify the prevailing forensic accounting market opportunities. These players have adopted various strategies to increase their market penetration and strengthen their position in the forensic accounting industry.

  • As another example, in fraud investigations, typically persons or managers in positions of trust have benefited themselves at the detriment of others (e.g., the company, business partners).
  • Every corporation is susceptible to fraud, but not all fraud can be prevented, nor is it cost-effective to try .
  • Forensic accounting has come to represent a broad range of services including business valuation and economic damage analysis.
  • At the time, however, this rudimentary practice of forensic accounting was considered under the same umbrella as auditing.
  • For instance, in July 2022, Center for Audit Quality announced a collaboration with various publicly listed companies in the U.S. to help gather observations on a range of topics, including the overall health of economy, business transformation, and quality of corporate disclosures.

As the industry has evolved and technology has exploded, it has become virtually impossible to successfully practice alone. Our firm has found continued growth and success by building a strong team of financial and technology experts whose individual areas of expertise complement and support each of our five integrated practice areas. It is seen that Forensic accounting and the executive’s management frameworks are sets of related parts that perform comparable capacities. Tom is regularly involved in complex financial claims, assisting lawyers and barristers in quantifying the financial aspect of the matter. He has a strong background in a wide variety of industries including agribusiness, professional services and allied health.


In digital environment context, forensic accounting plays an important role in detecting these frauds (financial and non-financial) that are not discovered in accounting and internal auditing process. The three aspects of forensic accounting are litigation support, investigation and dispute resolution. Litigation support is when the forensic accountant provides financial evidence to quantify the damage suffered by parties involved in a legal dispute. Investigation is when the forensic accountant identifies evidence of criminal matters, such as employee theft or insurance fraud. Dispute resolution is when the forensic accountant examines and interprets legal facts and evidence and testifies as an expert witness in court. This paper discusses task performance fraud risk assessment and forensic accountant and auditor knowledge and mindset in the Nigerian public sector.

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